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Demystifying Electrical Panels: Understanding Breakers, Fuses, and Upgrades

Most homeowners are familiar with the usual elements of a house such as doors, windows, or even plumbing, but one thing often overlooked is the electrical panel. In this blog post, we’ll demystify the electrical panel, helping you understand the role of breakers and fuses, and when upgrades might be needed. For expert services in this area, MrGlow Electrical is always ready to help.

Basic Understanding of Electrical Panels

The electrical panel serves as the control centre for your home’s electricity supply. It divides the electrical power into subsidiary circuits and provides a breaker or fuse for each circuit in a common enclosure. Understanding this component is crucial for ensuring safety and functionality in your home, especially if you’re located in areas like Mona Vale where MrGlow Electrical provides comprehensive electrical services.

Understanding Breakers

Circuit breakers are automatic electrical switches designed to protect your circuits from damage caused by excess current. They work by interrupting the flow of current when a fault is detected. Common breaker issues include frequent tripping, which may signify a problem with your wiring, appliances, or the breaker itself.

Understanding Fuses

Fuses serve a similar purpose as breakers – they protect your home from overcurrent. They contain a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows, thereby interrupting the flow. If a fuse ‘blows’, it must be replaced to restore function to the circuit.

Breakers vs. Fuses: A Comparison

While both breakers and fuses serve the same purpose, there are key differences. Breakers are more modern and can simply be reset after they trip, while fuses need to be replaced when they blow. This makes breakers more convenient and safe, especially in homes with large electrical loads.

Switching from fuses to breakers is a task that homeowners in Newport have frequently entrusted to MrGlow Electrical.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel may need an upgrade if you experience frequent breaker trips, fuses blowing, or if your panel is simply outdated. Upgrading can increase your home’s safety and its ability to handle modern electrical loads. The professional team at MrGlow Electrical is skilled in performing such upgrades, particularly in places like Narrabeen.

When to Consult an Electrician

While some minor issues can be fixed by yourself, it’s important to consult a professional electrician when you encounter problems with your electrical panel that are beyond your knowledge. Involving an electrician ensures proper diagnosis and safe, reliable repair or upgrade of your panel. As a trusted electrical contractor, MrGlow Electrical can provide expert advice and high-quality services.


The electrical panel is a crucial part of your home. Understanding its components like breakers and fuses, and knowing when an upgrade is required, can ensure your home’s safety and functionality. Whether you’re in Mona Vale, Newport, or Narrabeen, MrGlow Electrical is your reliable partner for any electrical panel needs.

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