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Switchboard Upgrades, Repairs & Maintenance Northern Beaches

Switchboards are used to distribute power to every outlet in your house. If they don’t work, you can’t use any of the appliances or electronics that need a plug. They act as a safety device and are your last line of defense from power surges, electric shock and fire prevention. You should regularly have your switchboard inspected by a qualified electrician to ensure it complies with the latest safety standards.

How electrical switchboards can protect you and your family?

Modern switchboards come with security switches for safety protection, called RCDs or Residual Current Devices. These devices will help to protect you from injury and are designed to trip in the case of a fault. They’re the most important safety feature on your board, so every switchboard should have these installed before use.

Electrical switchboard specialists in the Northern Beaches

Our electricians are skilled at diagnosing and repairing faults in switchboards, including checking your wiring, and circuit breakers to make sure they are working as intended. They can also upgrade your existing switchboards to make them safer and more efficient. Improvements usually involve installing new switchboards or replacing old ones that are shorting due to frayed or faulty wiring.

Do switchboard upgrades disrupt my life?

The improvements we make to your switchboard often do not require you to disconnect your appliances or connected devices from the power supply – we can usually work around them.
The installation process can usually be completed in a day but it may take longer depending on the size and complexity of your electrical system.

Book an electrical switchboard inspection for your home or property in the Northern Beaches today!

If you’re considering a new switchboard for your home or property in the Northern Beaches, book an inspection today. Our electricians will be happy to help you out with your electrical switchboard issue, call now and one of our friendly team members will assist you!

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Ray & Kerry
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We are very happy with his work and would gladly recommend him to anyone. Jackson is a professional, conscientious and friendly young man and we wish him well with his business. Kerry and Ray of Belrose
Mike C.
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The standard of the work is exceptional and Jackson provided us with a Certificate of Compliance after completing all the jobs. We are so glad that we found Mr Glow and will continue to use them for any further electrical work around our home.
Glendon M.
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Friendly, easy-going, professional and knowledgable. Jackson offered experienced observations and prudent recommendations which will benefit us in the long-term. Happy to recommend Mr Glow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If your fuses keep blowing out in your home it could mean that your need a switchboard upgrade.
  • Additionally, if your electrical wiring is starting to get crowded within your switchboard, it’s important to engage an electrician to come out and inspect it as it may be time to upgrade your switchboard. 

Switchboards that are made from old wiring and materials are subjected to a lot of pressure from newer devices. As a consequence, they’re susceptible to being the cause of electrical shocks, fires, and blowing fuses. A steady flow of blown fuses is an indication that your electrical circuits aren’t capable of handling the appliances and load, it is, therefore, time to upgrade your switchboard.

Electrical switchboards distribute electrical power to smaller circuits from bigger sources.

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