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Smoke Alarm Installation Northern Beaches

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Smoke Alarm Installation, Testing & Maintenance Northern Beaches

Smoke alarms are life-saving devices that can detect smoke as well as fire, and they are designed to alert us if we are in danger. Whilst smoke alarms have been around for a long time, it’s only recently that they’ve become more sophisticated and efficient so upgrading to newer models is never a bad idea.

Smoke Alarm Safety Inspections

Smoke alarms are a vital safety measure in homes and commercial buildings. They are designed to detect the presence of smoke and sound an alarm so that it can warn occupants of the danger. However, they need to be periodically inspected to ensure they are functioning properly.

The first step is to check that the smoke alarms have been installed in accordance with local regulations and building codes. The installation should be done by a licensed electrician, and there should be an inspection before the alarm is turned on for the first time.

The next step is to check that the smoke alarms are working properly. This can be done by testing them regularly, preferably once a month or every six months depending on local regulations. There should also be regular maintenance, including the replacement of batteries and vacuuming of dust/debris.

Where Should Smoke Alarms be located?

There are many factors to consider when deciding where to place a smoke alarm. The most important is the location of the bedrooms, as this is where you will be sleeping and will need to be alerted in case of a fire.
A smoke alarm should be placed on every level of a house or apartment and outside each bedroom door. It is also recommended that you place one in the kitchen, living room, and near any other rooms with an open flame.

Do I need an Electrician to Install my Smoke Alarm?

A licensed electrician needs to connect or disconnect your smoke alarm if it is to be permanently connected to the mains power. Where regulations allow it, a smoke alarm may potentially be powered by batteries instead of one that is connected to mains electricity, in this case, a licensed electrician may not be needed to install it.

You should always speak to an electrician to check the latest rules and regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smoke alarms that ionize tend to respond quicker to smoke created by burning fires over photoelectric alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms typically respond quicker when the smoke that is produced by fires that are smoldering than smoke alarms with ionization.

If your smoke alarm is constantly beeping, it could mean your battery might need to be replaced. A smoke alarm is likely to chirp every 30-60 seconds for seven days, you might also hear a “low battery” message. If your smoke alarm is consistently beeping, and there is no smoke, contact an electrician to ensure your home stays protected.

NOTE: You should speak to or engage a qualified electrician to carry out any work on your smoke alarm, to ensure you’ve got the appropriate protection. It is generally recommended that:

Once a month Smoke alarm test buttons should be pushed to make sure the alarm sounds and the battery is functioning properly.

6 monthly: Clean your smoke alarm with a vacuum cleaner. This removes debris or dust that may have built up and could stop the smoke alarm from functioning properly in an emergency.

Yearly: If your smoke alarm is powered by a battery, it is recommended that you swap it with a new one every year.

Every 10 years: All kinds of smoke alarms should be replaced with a new smoke alarm at least every 10 years. They are not designed to last forever, and their sensitivity usually decreases the older they get. 

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