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Smoke Alarm Install North Shore

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Smoke Alarm Installation, Repairs & Testing North Shore

In the past, smoke alarms were not always as reliable as they are today. Smoke alarms are used as smoke and fire sensors. They can detect fire easily, and are designed to alert you in case of danger.

Smoke Alarm Inspections & Safety Checks in the North Shore
Smoke alarms are a vital safety feature of any home or property. They alert you to smoke or fire and sound an alarm so that you can get out of harm’s way. But they need to be checked periodically by a licensed electrician to make sure they’re in good working order!

A smoke alarm needs to be checked to see if it has been installed in accordance with regulations and building codes. The installation needs to be done by a licensed electrician and an inspection is completed before turning it on the first time.

Smoke alarms also need to be checked to see if they are working properly. This can be done by testing and carrying out maintenance on them regularly. Maintenance can include replacing the batteries and clearing dust/debris with a vacuum cleaner.

Where should you place smoke detectors?

It is recommended that smoke alarms are located in bedrooms to provide occupants with a warning if they are sleeping. However, there are many other areas of the house that need protection too such as kitchens, hallways, and living rooms (in other words anywhere smoke or flames can start.

Are electricians required to install Smoke Alarms?

A licensed electrician needs to connect or disconnect your smoke alarm if it is permanently connected to the mains power. Smoke alarms aren’t always powered from the mains and may be battery-operated in some cases. A licensed electrician may not be needed to install a compatible smoke alarm in these scenarios, The best way to avoid any, future problems is to speak to an electrician. As far as we’re concerned, it’s always worth checking with a qualified professional when considering work on a smoke detector/alarm.

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Jackson recently supplied and installed a new ceiling fan in our house. He also fitted a surge protector and RCBOs on the board (missed by other electricians!). He went the extra mile too, as we had to maneuver a ladder up a narrow staircase to get to the ceiling fan (5.5 metre high ceiling). I'm sure many trades would have given up! Also, fixed a bathroom cabinet downlight for us whilst here. Can't recommend him high enough!
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I engaged Mr Glow to provide advice on the possibility of upgrading my electricity supply to accommodate the installation of an Induction Cooktop. Jackson was punctual, professional and clear in his advice. I will have no hesitation in engaging Jackson to carry out the work when I able to proceed.


Smoke alarms that ionize tend to respond quicker to smoke created by burning fires over photoelectric alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms typically respond quicker when the smoke that is produced by fires that are smoldering than smoke alarms with ionization.

If your smoke alarm is constantly beeping, it could mean your battery might need to be replaced. A smoke alarm is likely to chirp every 30-60 seconds for seven days, you might also hear a “low battery” message. If your smoke alarm is consistently beeping, and there is no smoke, contact an electrician to ensure your home stays protected.

NOTE: You should speak to or engage a qualified electrician to carry out any work on your smoke alarm, to ensure you’ve got the appropriate protection. It is generally recommended that:

Once a month Smoke alarm test buttons should be pushed to make sure the alarm sounds and the battery is functioning properly.

6 monthly: Clean your smoke alarm with a vacuum cleaner. This removes debris or dust that may have built up and could stop the smoke alarm from functioning properly in an emergency.

Yearly: If your smoke alarm is powered by a battery, it is recommended that you swap it with a new one every year.

Every 10 years: All kinds of smoke alarms should be replaced with a new smoke alarm at least every 10 years. They are not designed to last forever, and their sensitivity usually decreases the older they get. 

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